September Housing Market

Posted on Oct 11, 2017

Last month the Saskatoon Real Estate market has seen a decline of current listings by around 100 units from what we saw in August to September, the current amount of listings at the beginning of October are sitting at 2,082. Listings over the last five year period average 1,797. 

When looking at time on market for listings the number has decreased as...

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Aug. Housing Updates

Posted on Sep 06, 2017

Saskatoon's August Housing Market update. 

Over the last month in Saskatoon the market has seen an increase in sales and we are looking to a better fall market. Houses have been selling within 96.1% of list price and they have stayed the same for average sale price. 

The average time on a market is 60 days only because most people are trying to make...

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July Housing Market

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

Housing Market:

Residential properties – 2199
Single family – 1283
Condominiums – 916

Saskatoon’s July Housing Market update.

Over the last month the Saskatoon Real Estate market has seen a decline in sales compared to last year at this time. The main reason is we continue to see most homes being priced over market value. This directly contributes to th...

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What’s In Your Basement?

Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Almost all homes built in Saskatchewan come with a basement. When searching for a new house, one of the most important areas to check out is going to be your new basement.

A damp or wet basement can result not only in a future financial drain, but also in health concerns. Be sure to have a home inspection conducted by an accredited professional befo...

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Do You REALLY Need A realtor?

Posted on Jul 11, 2017

Let’s call a spade a spade – you have access to listings. You can view them yourself and you may be asking if you really need a Realtor at all? Realtors don’t to help you find homes online. Virtual tours allow you to see into a home before you commit to open houses. You can even stop by an open house. Or, schedule a home inspection and work with a...

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June 2017 Housing Stats

Posted on Jul 06, 2017

Housing Stats June 2017:

. Residential properties – 2162
. Single family – 1321
. Condominiums – 841

Saskatoon June Housing Market:

As school is out and families are heading on vacation we are currently seeing a surplus of listings on the market. This has been from the result of the correction in the market over the past 2-3 years and the market droppin...

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